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Smart ECO Light

Newey Smart ECO Light is a WIFI control lighting technology designed for energy efficiency and network technology. This may include high efficiency fixtures and automated controls that make adjustments based on conditions such as occupancy or daylight availability. Current statistics reveal that 65 percent of energy consumed in the US is by the commercial and industrial markets and 22% of this energy is being utilized for lighting alone. We can see that lighting energy takes up a lot of energy and even 1 percent of saving on that part will matter a lot in energy efficiency. Usually lighting consumes a lot of electrical energy every day all around the world. According to the statistics, 20 to 50 percent of total energy consumed in homes and offices are used for lighting. Now. you can use Newey Smart Light Technology to saving light power consumption to 97%! Newey Smart ECO Light Technical support of Internet and LAN, through the WiFi network allows to control the LED Lamp ON/OFF and dimming the lights, light color change and light consumption detection, can control a lamp or multi lamps, Support iOS/ Android system.

Over 17,800 square meters of factory space, along with the latest manufacturing equipment gives us the capacity to fully service business and achieve best quality and on time delivery with low cost. We have most advanced assembly equipment and quality inspection systems, and induct the lead-free . The manufacturing facilities have received ISO-9001, ISO-14001 certifications and UL, TUV factory audit.

We have a lot of laboratories and subsidiaries around the world, Responsible for various projects and product development and testing, we have the LED chips and LED packing and Research centers and Product design center in Taiwan. and the joint European and American advanced team development facility in China making the final production andshipping, yet we have accumulated a lot of partners around the world and create a lot of good products and results, we sincerely hope you will join us.


Research and Innovation is the goal we have been, so far, we have as many as 50 in the world many inventions and patents, and gradually increase, through our research and invention, enabling us to provide customers with the most advanced products, through patent protection, but also enables our customers unique and innovative in the market and create greater profits, and we also welcome your new ideas and innovation can work together with us to jointly develop the market. More...detail


Responsible attitude to the products our consistent attitude, our product addition to self-requirement, we will, through BV, STR and other laboratory certification, make the product more secure and stable, so our products have passed UL,ETL, CE, FCC, CEC, ROSH, VCCI, EMI, EMC,TUV and other product certification, we are committed to providing safe and reliable products for our customers and consumers to provide a safe environment for product. More...detail


We have a complete product design and manufacturing capabilities, from chip design, product concept, ID design, structural design, electronic design, mold design, packaging design, quality control and product manufacturing, etc. ... We also focus WIFI, BLE, NFC, MCU, ARM CPU and software develop for iOS, Andriod, WP...etc


Customer First service-oriented, we have been pursuing, all of our work is to satisfy the customer's needs and services, we have the ability, sincerity and confidence to complete the task entrusted to us by customers.

Our global customers and partners, there are numerous success stories, we help our clients, market analysis, design products, production delivery, and create profits, has won numerous customer appreciation, not only that, we often play a role in the fire brigade, helping many the failure of customers to create successful product experience in an impossible task in miracles.


NEWEY is committed to excellence and leadership in protecting the environment. In keeping this policy, our objective is to reduce waste and emissions from our operations. We strive to minimize impact on the air, water, and land through excellence in pollution prevention. By successfully preventing pollution at its source, we can achieve cost savings, increase operational efficiencies, improve the quality of our products and services, and maintain a safe and healthy workplace for our employees. NEWEY sees global environmental conservation and protection as one of the most critical issues for mankind in the 21st century... More...detail







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