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About Newey Technology

Incorporated in December 2006, NEWEY Technology is a committed to environmental protection and energy saving and save electricity technology research and innovation. Being an LED chips design house headquartered in Taiwan's Hsinchu Science Park with China subsidiaries, we design, develop, manufacture and market LED lighting and provide total solutions for a broad range of applications in the LED lighting markets.

Our products serve applications in OEM / ODM for LED application, LED Lighting applications and HI-Power LED technology , as well as other lighting devices. Our product portfolio consists of digital, mixed-signal, and low power as well as system solutions.

NEWEY Technology offers LED and Lighting solutions that enable businesses to maximize the value of their digital content and lighting products. Our solutions are deployed by companies in the entertainment, consumer electronics, lighting and corporate IT markets to solve industry-specific challenges.

The quality is the pulse of the product, the guarantee of the market, as well as the life of the company. NEWEY Technology has a good reputation in its strict quality control. Furthermore, NEWEY Technology has passed the ISO 9001,ISO14001 and RoHS certification in succession, which is the best proof of the high quality of NEWEY Technology products, as well as the optimal quality guarantee to the customers.

With the strict and ceaseless improvement of the product quality and service level, NEWEY Technology products spread all over the world, and are affirmed by many large factories by persevering in the quality control. And we are sure that we will be also your perfect business partner in the near future .

NEWEY Technology continual drive to improve efficiency, flexibility, and to assist customers, has helped set high standards. As a leading industrial computer supplier, NEWEY Technology is devoted to producing state-of-the-art solutions that aid users in achieving their goals. This is just a starting point to greater services and more advanced products.

Founded Purpose

We will eliminate all means of seeking an unfair advantage, stressed the actual effect of commercial activities, not in vain pursuit of the expansion of the scale.
We will maintain the company's business agility, in large enterprises because of their large and can not enter the market competition.
We welcome the technical difficulties and challenges, as long as social progress and human happiness help of technology products, we do not care how much output. In addition, we will avoid the division in the distinction between electronic and mechanical, and other companies can not hold a candle to the determination of integration are two areas to create their own unique products.
We will utilize our expertise, and technology industry, the industry's connections to establish a comparable sales of large capital companies and raw material access network.
We will guide, bred subcontractor to mutual support and strengthen the camp to expand.
We will strictly select employees, as far as possible to streamline the number of employees, to avoid redundancy, and stressed that the performance of individual staff and personality, so each employee can maximize their potential.
We will ensure proper allocation of income to all employees, and help the stability of their lives. You should be working as employees and their own private affairs are as important as commitment.
We will do everything in its power to reach customers and the company's harmony and win-win situation, and make every effort to service and meet the reasonable requirements of customers.

Our Philosophy

It relies upon continuous innovation to create products and services of excellent quality at fastest speed for any technology company to stay competitive required by maintaining growth.
Honesty, integrity and professional ethics are our corporate motto. We believe honesty is the best policy either to our clients, superior officials, work associates or subordinate staff. We don't easily make commitments, and once we make any, we stick to it. We handle things and matters with unbiased attitude and the spirits of having put the corporate interest above personal and departmental interests. We never tolerate any corruption, embezzlement, and utilization of public properties for personal interest in our company. We urge that each employee must be responsible for his/her own personal character, functional duties, subordinate staff, , superior officials and clients.
Our Edge
R&D team in Taiwan & China (innovation, fast to adopt new technology)
Sales & logistic team in Hong Kong (high efficient)
Production in China (low cost)

Our Core Value

Young and Energetic, Creative Management Team
Innovative and Efficient Research & Development Team
Worldwide Networking Sales team
Challenging and High Quality Assurance Production Team
Priority in Branding, Globalization


NEWEY Technology platform for the development of magnetic charge of the research and application of electricity to light and light to electricity, to help you resolve the power-saving and environmentally friendly solution. Our vertical market knowledge, help to simplify the required technical, The need to support the importance of open standards and the opening of the OEM / ODM innovation. As the world's large partner, Newey have sufficient knowledge of market trends and have the power to enable service providers applications.

NEWEY Technology strives to maintain integrity in our product quality, customer satisfaction, executed performance and having a closer relationship with customers and partners. NEWEY Technology is on track to become the most attractive and profitable industrial computer company. NEWEY Technology employees are always willing to contribute more and will continue to help our customers, shareholders, and communities.


Here we show the product to our customers for the success of design and manufacturing, all the products are completed in our house, from concept, design, structural design, production and other electronic hardware and all the cumbersome product development issues, both in Our tight and highly efficient production system design completed.


Over 17,800 square meters of factory space, along with the latest manufacturing equipment gives us the capacity to fully service OEM/ODM business and achieve best quality and on time delivery with low cost. We have most advanced SMT assembly equipment and optical inspection systems, and induct the lead-free technology. The manufacturing facilities have received ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certifications.







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