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Model: NF-C80

NF-S60Decorative and enchanting, the Newey CandleLights are great atmosphere creators. They give off a warm glow with a gentle flicker, but without the risk of open flames and hot wax. The set includes three rechargeable LED candles in attractive white frosted glass holders.

Unlike normal wax candles that eventually burn out, CandleLights provide up to 20 hours of light per charge and can be easily recharged. Simply use the induction charger base that doubles as a storage holder when the candles are not in use. Their wireless operation and the fact that they are water resistant allows freedom of placement both indoors and outdoors. 

Easy and Innovative
Your Newey Candle Lights are so convenient and safe to operate.
There are no risks of open flames and hot wax or inconvenient matches.
Your Newey Candle Lights are cool to touch and are water-resistant, enabling outdoor use.
The Newey Candle Lights' intuitive and innovative tumble switch makes it easy to switch them on and off by simply shaking the glass.
You can enjoy up to 10 hours of candle light simply recharge your candles using the induction charger base.


Super bright 4 LED
Power IN: AC220V
Operate for up to 10 hours on a full charge
Charge time: 10 Hours
NEW MAGNETI INDUCTION TECHNOLOGY (no contacts inside base)
Tumble switch operation (simply turn upside down to turn on and off)
Rechargeable 3.7V Lithium lon battery.
Environmentally friendly - Batteries and bulbs - No need for replacement or disposal.
Water resistant – allows use outdoors as well as indoors



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