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Model: NF-L200

When power fails, a quick, convenient light source is often essential for optimal safety. Keeping a standard flashlight in a drawer is the usual way that families deal with this problem, but one product that offers a better means of protection against power failure is NF-L200 , a power failure light.

Basic Flashlight Facts:
NF-L200 Power Failure Light is a small flashlight that charges itself by plugging its base into a standard wall outlet. This flashlight is approximately six inches in length, is lightweight, has a metallic finish, and it is stored by placing it in its base, which is plugged directly into an electrical outlet. The flashlight stays in this base until needed. Full charging takes about fifteen hours at first and the flashlight's charge is good for about seven hours of continuous use until it has to be recharged.

NF-L200 Power Failure Light includes a rechargeable lithium battery and it charges via induction. The prongs on the actual base rotate to fit all wall sockets and the light automatically turns itself on if power is lost. The charging base has an Auto, Off, and On setting. The flashlight itself contains three settings: Off, On, and Emergency Flasher. There is also a separate nightlight around the edge of the charging base that can be turned on to provide a small amount of light during the nighttime.

Final Thoughts:
Power outages are a fact of life and for most people, a standard, battery- powered flashlight is the usual means to temporarily provide light until power is restored. Flashlights are usually fine for this purpose, but they do have some distinct disadvantages. They are usually placed in a drawer, and they can be misplaced by other family members. They also experience battery drainage over time and may not be ready when needed.

This is where NF-L200 Power Failure Light can come in handy. This automatic flashlight is intended for those surprise interruptions in power, when the entire house or interior of a business goes dark. Because NF-L200 Power Failure Light is plugged into a standard outlet and because the flashlight itself is stored in the base that is plugged into a standard socket, it is always there when you need it. The device senses a failure in power and the flashlight automatically turns itself on, providing some light so that a concerned family member can easily locate it, remove from its base, and use it like a regular flashlight.

NF-L200 Power Failure Light is a handy illumination device and we have several at my place of business. Storms during the daytime are likely to knock out our power a few times each year and even though this happens in the middle of the day, certain parts of the building go pitch black due to lack of windows. I have been in rooms when this has happened and it is as dark as standing in an underground cave. Only by placing NF-L200 Power Failure Light in several of these rooms has the problem been resolved. The flashlight turns itself on the moment there is an interruption in power, guiding individuals to what is likely the only light in the area.

NF-L200 Power Failure Light isn't a very powerful flashlight, but it offers enough light to suffice until power is restored or until other flashlights, candles, etc, can be located and activated/lit. This device isn't really intended as an all- powerful source of light. Its main use is to provide light during power failure without worry over batteries, misplaced flashlights, etc. It is right there, when you need it and right there, where you left it.

One interesting fact about NF-L200 Power Failure Light is that it charges via induction. There are no prongs on the base of the flashlight. It just sits in its holding base. This induction- type charging makes it easier to use and more attractive. There are no ugly electrical prongs sticking out of the base and there is nothing to unplug. You just lift the flashlight out of the base and it is ready for use. Keep in mind that the base of the unit will be a little warm when you lift it out, due to the electrical charging taking place. But it is only slightly warm and is nothing to worry about.

Overall, NF-L200 Power Failure Light is a good, dependable source of light. Power interruptions can take place for any number of reasons and NF-L200 Power Failure Light is a good device to keep handy when the inevitable occurs. They are always there, ready to light the way until more light sources can be found and/or until power is restored. They are good for home or business use and they make a nice addition to your safety arsenal.





Super bright 6 LED handheld light automatically turns on during power outages (after initial charge).
Push button control on handheld light activates LED lights and emergency flashers.
Handheld light lasts up to 9 hours after initial charge
Charge time: 12 Hours
Nightlight switch with AUTO sensor and On/Off functions underneath base
Soft translucent nightlight (activates in AUTO position) shines downward
Bright nightlight activated with On function
NEW MAGNETI INDUCTION TECHNOLOGY (no contacts inside base) - Charger base simply plugs into any AC outlet.
Safe and reliable charging with no contact prongs.
Rechargeable 3.7V Lithium lon battery.
Environmentally friendly - Batteries and bulbs - No need for replacement or disposal.
Water Resistant
One Full Day (24hrs) Initial Charge
Plug charging base into AC 120V 60Hz/240V 50Hz wall socket
Insert Base UPRIGHT into wall outlet. Rotate AC plug if necessary
Insert Flashlight into base
After initial charge Induction Flashlight can remain plugged in and used for any of its three functions
Power Failure Mode
Super bright 6 LED light automatically turns on during power outages (after 24 hour initial charge)
Handheld Light Mode
Push button control activates 6 LED Bulbs or Emergency Flasher
Nightlight Mode
Use the AUTO function and the nightlight will automatically turn on whenever room / space becomes dark. Light points down from base to softly illuminate the floor and surrounding area
Use the ON function to turn on bright nightlight
Safe and reliable charging / no contact prongs
Low energy consumption
Environmentally friendly; no replacement of batteries or bulbs is required
Dimension: 63 (L) * 92 (W) * 193 (H) mm
Net Weight: 245 g



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