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Model: NF-L300

Don't get caught in the dark in the event of a true emergency. Unlike the flashlight buried in your junk drawer, the Emergency Flashlight's batteries won't be dead when you need them most.

Plug this Flashlight into any outlet, and it will light up instantly upon a blackout or when you remove it from its power source. Leave it plugged in, and it will act as a night light, turning on automatically when the room becomes dark.

The rechargeable Emergency Flashlight has 3 hyper-bright LEDs that will never burn out. When fully charged, this emergency flashlight will shine for 24 hours; it also features a 30 day standby life, making this water-resistant flashlight ideal for campers.

Save energy and money with our helpful Mini NF-L300. It serves as a power failure light, flashlight and nightlight, all in one compact unit! The auto-sensor LED nightlight can be set to illuminate at nighttime. Remove the portable LED flashlight from the base - it automatically turns on and provides seven hours of continuous light. There's no need for batteries! The AC plug rotates to fit outlets of any orientation. It's a thoughtful gift idea for families with children and for anyone who likes to be prepared for the unexpected..

Super bright 3 LED handheld light automatically turns on during power outages (after initial charge).
Push button control on handheld light activates LED lights and emergency flashers.
Handheld light lasts up to 5 hours after initial charge
Charge time: 12 Hours
Nightlight switch with AUTO sensor and On/Off functions underneath base
Soft translucent nightlight (activates in AUTO position) shines downward
Bright nightlight activated with On function
Safe and reliable charging with no contact prongs.
Rechargeable 3.7V Lithium lon battery.
Environmentally friendly - Batteries and bulbs - No need for replacement or disposal.
Water Resistant

One Full Day (24hrs) Initial Charge
Plug charging base into AC 120V 60Hz/240V 50Hz wall socket
Insert Flashlight into wall outlet
After initial charge Induction Flashlight can remain plugged in and used for any of its three functions
Power Failure Mode
Super bright 3 LED light automatically turns on during power outages
Handheld Light Mode
Slide button control activates 3 LED Bulbs
Nightlight Mode
Use the AUTO function and the nightlight will automatically turn on whenever room / space becomes dark. Light points down from base to softly illuminate the floor and surrounding area
Use the ON function to turn on bright nightlight
Safe and reliable charging / no contact prongs
Low energy consumption
Environmentally friendly; no replacement of batteries or bulbs is required
Dimension: 40 (L) * 42 (W) * 119 (H) mm
Net Weight: 60 g
Certifications: CE,FCC,UL,CUL,PSE,ROHS



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