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Model: NF-S60

NF-S60The Motion Activated Solar Light is perfect for doors, steps, porches, decks, sheds and other outdoor areas.

The Motion Activated Solar Light has a built-in motion sensor, which automatically turns on the light when movement of a heat source (such as people, animals or cars) is detected in the area. The light remains on while motion continues to bed detected in the area.

The Motion Activated Solar Light also has a built-in photosensor so that the light only turns on at night

The Motion Activated Solar Light may function irregularly or not at temperatures near or below freezing. Normal operation will return when the temperature rises.

The Motion Activated Solar Light requires 3 AAA batteries. The batteries typically last up to 1 year under normal use.

The Motion Activated Solar Light also built-in Solar power panel.

The 4 super bright LEDs i the The Motion Activated Solar Light have an estimated life of 30,000 hours so they should never need changing.


Features & Benefits:

•White color LED x 4 for motion sensor light
•2 functions in one- Motion Sensor Light / Portable Flashlight
•Turns on automatically in the dark when motion sensor is activated
•Built-in Light Sensor for disable motion sensor when day 
•Motion sensor detection range is 15 feet with a 130 degree detection radius
•Automatic light action for 35 seconds
•Adhesive and screw mounting
•Splash proof, work indoors and out door
•Solar power charge for outdoor use
•Solar Charging Indicator LED when solar charging
•Built-in Ni-Mh Battery for solar power charging
•Backup battery for 3 AAA Batteries Indoor use
•Power ON Initial time : 2 min (after 2 min start working)
•Applications: Garage, Deck, Front Door , Bathroom, Hallway , Basement, Nightlight




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