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Model: PL-10

This eco-friendly, high-end solution for under counter, shelf, and cabinet lighting, retail display window lighting and accent lighting, Best for LED Cabinet light, Puck light, use for kitchen, cabinet, showcase, shelf, closet, wardrobe, counter lighing. You’ll be amazed at the brightness of our LED Puck Lights, as it products over 30 lumens of light output and consumes 3 PCS Alkaline Battery of electricity.

This is a puck light that comes with a diameter of 58mm. Powered by Alkaline Battery, this puck light uses an LED source for energy-efficient illumination. This compact puck light is easy to install.

These puck light made with most cutting edge manufacturing in the world. Our customer have found our standard low voltage LED pucks to be an excellent substitute for hot halogen and incandescent lighting. This LED light is available in a soothing ware white or a cool white. The advantages of using this puck are unlimited:

Party Light Battery : Built-in Rechargeable Battery
Remote Battery : 1 ‐“3 Volt” CR2025 Lithium button (included)
LED information: CCT 6500K LED and RGB, Pink, Yellow LED
Electrical Specs:
Wireless: Analog data, pulse width coding
IR Range: Up to 6M (20Ft),
Operation Temperature : ‐20 to +50C (‐5 to +120F)
Sensing : 1 ‐ IR sensors
Remote Frequency : IR Light‐ 950nm wave length
Remote Standby Current : 1uA max.
Lumens : 30 LM +/- 10% @ white light
Runtime : 8 Hours @ 100% brightness
Mechanical Specs:

Party Light: ‐ ABS , White ‐ Screw together
Remote: ‐ ABS, Black ‐‐Screw and snap together
Lens Cover : PMMA , Transparent

Power: Remote ‐ ON, OFF
Cover Click ‐ ON / OFF
Default Light: White
Dimmer: + increase brightness, – decrease brightness
Mode Switch: White , Music mode, Dance mode, Singing mode
Timer: 60 and 120 minutes (+/- 5%)
Last Status Memory: Return to prior dimmer setting
One remote controls up to 36 lights
Indoor use only
Party light: D 58.2 x 48 mm
Remote: 33 x 86 x 5 mm

Like other LEDs, it has an estimated lifetime of over 50,000 hours, so you won’t have to worry about replacement any time soon.





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