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Model: LR-100AU

LED is an environmentally friendly low power consumption and energy-efficient next-generation light source, LED light source does not like a traditional light sources are flashing or damage the eyes, etc., so this product LED desktop lamp is your best tool for work or reading.
This product has many revolutionary innovations and meet all use of the environment, this product's unique 360-degree curved tube lets you in a variety of working conditions can be arbitrary adjustments to various lighting angles, and different from traditional metal pipe, using a special material made of, not as a traditional iron pipe after bending deformation and rusting issues such as the top of the halo is different from the traditional lamp, in line with the human eye from the focal feature allows you to pore through the middle of the Watch your work objects or read books, and more rings at the top of the ring with a magnifying glass parts with stays, allowing you to view small objects in their work, they can better simulate sunlight color temperature of the warm light LED is more suitable for a long time to read and protection of eye sight and other functions.

This product built-in rechargeable battery, so you can always move to the outdoor table lamp, or any corner with a beautiful, convenient, lightweight, practical, eye protection, etc. in one set of a new generation of multi - lamp.

LEDs Q'Ty : Super bright 12 LED (Soft translucent light)
Material : Plastic ABS
Battery : 3 AAA alkaline batteries
Power-IN: USB Power-IN 5V~300mA
Charger Indicator : RED LED (Power IN)
Function Switch : Push button control on lamp light activates LED lights 2 Levels, ON / OFF
Gooseneck Length : 6 " Inch Flexible Gooseneck
Life time : Use AAA alkaline battery for 48 hours of light life
Accessories: USB Power Cable for 5V Power-IN
Certification : FCC, ROSH
Environmentally friendly - Batteries and bulbs - No need for replacement or disposal.
Low energy consumption
Environmentally friendly; no replacement of batteries or bulbs is required



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