Why need Newey Smart Light ?
50% to 97% MORE EFFICIENT than incandescent and fluorescent lighting
BEAUTIFUL, BRIGHT LIGHT that improves employee and customer satisfaction
GREAT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - less energy, fewer bulbs, no mercury, less CO2

Newey Smart Light Technology
Newey Smart lighting is a WIFI control lighting technology designed for energy efficiency and network technology. This may include high efficiency fixtures and automated controls that make adjustments based on conditions such as occupancy or daylight availability. Current statistics reveal that 65 percent of energy consumed in the US is by the commercial and industrial markets and 22% of this energy is being utilized for lighting alone. We can see that lighting energy takes up a lot of energy and even 1 percent of saving on that part will matter a lot in energy efficiency.

Energy Consumption
Usually lighting consumes a lot of electrical energy every day all around the world. According to the statistics, 20 to 50 percent of total energy consumed in homes and offices are used for lighting. What is surprising to us is that over 90 percent of the lighting energy expense used for some of the buildings is unnecessary due to the over-illumination.The cost of lighting can be very realistic. Now. you can use Newey Smart Light Technology to saving light power consumption to 97%!

WIFI and IP Technology
WiFi, allows a universal internet connection to be broadcasted through radio waves. Radio waves are what make WiFi exist and run. They allow WiFi networking to occur between numerous people. The radio waves are transmitted from antennas and routers and are picked up by WiFi receivers such as computers and cell phones equipped with WiFi cards. When these devices receive a signal within the range of a WiFi network, the WiFi card then reads the signals and produces an internet connection without a cord. Once a connection is established between user and the network , the user will be prompted with a login screen and password if it is fee based. WiFi networking around the world is creating not spots in the cities where anyone with a laptop can wirelessly plug into the internet. Hot spots are connection points for WiFi networks; areas where wireless internet is available for those who have internet ready devices. Hot spots are becoming available everywhere, in restaurants, hotels, airports, schools, etc.

Smart and User Friendly
Newey Smart Light Technical support of Internet and LAN, through the WiFi network allows to control the LED Lamp ON/OFF and dimming the lights, light color change and light consumption detection, can control a lamp or multi lamps, Support PC/NB/Pad and Smart Phone and support Windows/iOS/Android system.



System Features:
Support from 5W LED bulb to 150W High-Power LED lamps
AC 85-265V Power input
Power Factor > 0.9
Dimmable : from 5% to 100% dimmer
LED lamp ON/OFF control
Timer and schedule control for ON/OFF/Dimmable
Single or group lamp control
Support WIFI wireless network
Support LAN/Wireless LAN control
100M long distance WIFI connect
Unlimited lamps control
Support Windows/iOS/Android sytem (iPhone/iPad/PC/Notebook/Android Smart Phone)
and More....... OEM/ODM Welcome




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